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Overseas Projects

Our company has achieved long-term development in international project contracting field, the export business of large mechanic and electronic equipment and other areas, especially the construction of infrastructure with our solid comprehensive strength and full utilization of good resources inside the international groups as well as close partners both at home and abroad. For example, we have obtained success in the construction of roads and bridges, construction of metallurgy and petrochemical plants, construction of power generation and transmission stations, programs of new energy development, etc. We have established sound strategic partnerships with many outstanding domestic and foreign large-scale manufacturing enterprises, design and research institutes and financial organizations. Through the cooperation with the strategic partners, we have integrated our resources and provided high-quality program contracting services as well as financing solutions for customers.



 Trincomalee-Pulmodai Road          Orugodawatta Flyover


      Kinniya Ferr Bridge               Mattakuliya Bridege  


 Refurbishment of Structural            Solar Energy    
Steel Trestles in Trincomalee                            


      Power Plant in Iran            Trincomalee-Pulmodai Road